Individual therapy

Individual therapy Harun Kayacan Therapist Istanbul

Individuals can communicate anonymously with a skilled professional about their concerns or conditions during therapy sessions. It does not necessarily solve problems, but it gives people the tools they need to deal with them more effectively.

Other sorts of mental and behavioral health care, such as family therapy or substance addiction counseling, may be utilized in conjunction with this type of therapy.

What to Expect from a Therapy Session

Individual therapy can help with a wide range of issues that create stress, anger, sadness, or conflict. An individual and a therapist will examine a variety of critical concerns in a comfortable, confidential setting, including (but not limited to):

  • Expression of feelings and thoughts
  • Patterns of behavior
  • resolving issues
  • Dispute resolution

Individual therapy can be short-term (focused on immediate issues) or long-term (working on long-term issues) (delving into more complex problems). The number of sessions and the frequency of appointments are determined by the individual’s circumstances and the therapist’s suggestions.

The actual technique in which this therapy is implemented varies based on the difficulties at hand, the therapist’s practices, and the individual’s needs.


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April 15, 2022

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